Around Villa dei Bosconi

“Ma dal clivo lunato a la pianura, il campanil domina allegro, come la risorta nel mille itala gente…”

The Hotel Villa dei Bosconi, thanks to its particular location, is an ideal starting point to choose the most varied itineraries, thanks to which you can visit the main places in Tuscany such as Florence, Fiesole, Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa and the whole Chianti area.

Florence - Villa dei Bosconi


Florence is a dream for anyone who loves art and history.
Every person who thinks to love beauty should visit at least once in their life.
An important medieval centre, it was a point of reference for art, culture, commerce and politics. Cradle of the Renaissance, it has witnessed the growth and passage of the vast majority of the greatest artists of the era on a global scale…


Fiesole is located close to Florence, so close that many consider it almost an added district.
Among other things, it is Florence’s luxury district. Medieval in character, the village has been admired since the time of Carducci, who dedicated an ode to it in the second book of his Rime Nuove.
The town was built on a double hill rising above the valleys of the Arno and Mugnone rivers and is 6 kilometres from the Tuscan capital.
From Etruscan times, it had its period of greatest splendour…

Fiesole - Villa dei Bosconi
Siena - Villa dei Bosconi


Medieval town universally known for its artistic treasures, located in every corner of the city, and for its Palio, an event that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.
Since 1995, its historic centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with good reason. It is in the historic centre that the…

San Gimignano

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town of San Gimignano has remained virtually unchanged since the 14th century and is one of the most interesting examples of urban organisation from the age of the Communes.
Situated on a hill that undoubtedly housed an Etruscan settlement, the first mention of the present-day village only dates back to the 9th century AD…

San Gimignano - Villa dei Bosconi
Lucca - Villa dei Bosconi


Rich in structures reminiscent of medieval architecture, it is one of the few Italian cities to have preserved its historic centre surrounded by 16th-century walls, which have remained unchanged since its foundation. In its narrow alleyways you can breathe art everywhere and you can…


Known worldwide for the Tower of Piazza del Duomo – also known as Piazza dei Miracoli – which, since its construction in 1173, has been leaning heavily.
But Pisa is certainly not reducible to the Tower of the same name. Situated a few kilometres from the mouth of the Arno, there is historical evidence that dates its foundation to the Villanovan age. But it was in Roman times that the settlement grew and became famous…

Pisa - Villa dei Bosconi
Chianti - Villa dei Bosconi


The Chianti hills are a lush paradise full of vineyards known all over the world, from which the wine of the same name comes. Rich in characteristic colours and smells, here you can enjoy the real Tuscany, genuine and authentic in its forms.
Chianti lies between the provinces of Siena, Florence and Arezzo, between the Valdarno and the Val di Chiana…

The itineraries offered by Villa dei Bosconi

The particular location of the Hotel Villa dei Bosconi offers many opportunities to organize fun excursions, as well as walks of historical/artistic or naturalistic interest, both in the Fiesole area and in the surrounding cities, starting with Florence

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