The Chianti hills are a lush paradise full of vineyards known all over the world, from which the wine of the same name comes. Filled with characteristic colours and smells, here you can enjoy the real Tuscany, true and genuine in its forms.

Chianti is situated between the provinces of Siena, Florence and Arezzo, between the Valdarno and the Val di Chiana.

The Chianti hills area

With a mild climate and seasons that are not very rainy and comfortable, the hills are characterised by expanses of vineyards and olive groves that spread as far as the eye can see and by iconic hilltop villages that seem frozen in time and that allow you to lose yourself in a journey back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance thanks to their alleyways and typical architecture. Dozens and dozens of events are organised throughout the year in each of these welcoming villages, whose main asset is their folklore and welcome to visitors.
The most famous of these villages is undoubtedly Greve in Chianti, located on the Via Chiantigiana linking Florence and Siena, a wonderful road that allows visitors to enjoy the area’s suggestive panorama.
Always fought over by the two cities, the village, despite its few inhabitants, has always played an important role in trade in the area, and art is also a testimony to its reputation. A vivid artistic legacy that demonstrates this is the main church in the municipality, the Propositura di Santa Croce, with its precious frescoes by Bicci di Lorenzo inside.

Chianti - Villa dei BosconiFine Chianti wines and oils

It is also impossible not to mention the various tasting fairs for the famous Chianti wine and oils, with their strong and decisive taste, which are held especially when the grapes and olives are harvested. This is a way for the growers to let people taste their wonderful products, of which they are understandably proud.
It is no coincidence that they are DOCG-certified and among the best-selling and most famous wine experts in the world.
At mid-season, the colours of the Chianti hills form wonderful and dreamy plays and gradations, giving visitors memories of a trip that will be unforgettable for them and splendid views that they can take back with them.
Stops not to be missed in an ideal itinerary that will allow us to visit and love these areas of the truest, most genuine and homely Tuscany.

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