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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website sends to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone where they are stored in order to save and track data about your use of the website. The next time you visit the same website, cookies allow the site to identify you.

Session cookies exist only for as long as your browser remains open. Persistent cookies last from visit to visit; they do not go away when you exit your browser. Most cookies are installed on your browser and can be disabled by adjusting your browser settings. Flash cookies are directly installed on your hard drive and cannot be controlled through your browser settings. To manage and control settings for Flash cookies, please visit the Adobe Flash Player website at

What kind of cookies do we use?

1. Technical Cookies
These cookies are necessary to maintain proper operation of the website and allow you to navigate the site. They are not used for further purposes and are managed by our company. These cookies are automatically enabled and do not require your prior consent. Please note that disabling cookies may limit your browsing enjoyment on the site.

2. Third Party Cookies
These cookies, installed by third parties, are used to collect information about your browsing activity on our website in order to provide you with personalized content, internet-based services and tailored advertisements. These cookies are not managed by our company. For more information about this practice and your options, including how to opt out of third party cookies, please visit: and

3. Embedded Content and Third Party Cookies
We use sometimes, so no constant video of Youtube and Vimeo, social content of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and in general on the basis of necessary embeddable content of other platforms. You can not control the cookies that these third-party sites to deliver and this is advised to inquire directly with all third parties to have more control over these cookies. Here are some useful links to the cookie policy of any third parties specified:

Google Maps

How to manage your cookies preferences?

You may manage your cookies preferences, including disabling and/or deleting cookies, through your browser settings.
If you do not know the type and version of your browser, click on “Help” in the window at the top of your browser, where you can access this information.

If you know your browser, follow the instructions below to manage your cookies preferences.

Internet Explorer
Go to the Tools menu, then Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab. Adjust the slider to the level of privacy you want, click OK.

Google Chrome
Click the Chrome menu, the upper right button. Select Settings then click on Show advanced settings. In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button. Select your preferred option(s) in the Cookies section.

Mozilla Firefox
Go to the Tools then Options menu (for Windows) and Preferences (for Mac). Click on the Privacy settings. Select Use custom settings for history. Select your preferred option(s) on the Accept cookies from sites section.

Click on Safari, then Preferences. Click on the Privacy tab.

Again, please note that disabling cookies may limit your browsing enjoyment on the site.